non-invasive, reliable

VitalSense is a telemetric physiological monitoring system that enables continuous monitoring of core body temperature, dermal temperature, and heart and respiration rate, all without wires and probes. Wireless sensors provide a more convenient, reliable, and satisfying solution for monitoring physiological data.

Wireless and continuous physiological monitoring

Collect reliable, real-time physiological data wirelessly. Identify changes in response to drug formulations while eliminating the need for a subject to undergo periodic temperature checks or maintain a temperature log.

Vitalsense data

Individual data collection

  • The ingestible VitalSense temperature capsule travels and passes through the gastrointestinal tract, sending transmissions 4x per minute within a 12-48 hour period
  • The hypoallergenic Dermal temperature patch is waterproof and has a battery life of 10 days following activation
  • The compact VitalSense-XHR sensor wirelessly transmits heart and respiration rate data 4x per minute
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VitalSense enables

  • 24/7, unobtrusive, real-world subject monitoring
  • Data storing in nonvolatile memory
  • Tracking of core, dermal surface, and ambient temperatures, and heart and respiration rate
  • Data presented in 15-second or one-minute intervals
  • Battery life of 10 days with up to 10 sensors on line
Vitalsense applications

Real-world applications

  • Clinical trials
  • Military medicine and training
  • Pre- or post-operative outpatient monitoring
  • Healthcare telemedicine
  • Sports medicine
  • Hazardous occupations