Equivital sm

Equivital wireless, comprehensive

Equivital is the only multiple-parameter ambulatory monitoring system capable of measuring core body temperature and cardiac and respiratory parameters wirelessly. Ideal for human performance studies, military scenarios, and industrial and safety applications, Equivital is durable, noninvasive, and easy to use.

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Vitalsense sm

VitalSense non-invasive, reliable

VitalSense is a telemetric physiological monitoring system that enables continuous monitoring of core body temperature, dermal temperature, and heart and respiration rate, all without wires and probes. Wireless sensors provide a more convenient, reliable, and satisfying solution for monitoring physiological data.

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Telemetry is a convenient method used to wirelessly record and track a subject’s physiology over time, including core body temperature, dermal temperature, and heart and respiration rate. Data collected by telemetric devices has a variety of applications in clinical trials, military medicine and training, preoperative or postoperative outpatient monitoring, healthcare telemedicine, sports medicine, and hazardous occupations.

Telemetry advantages

  • unobtrusive - wireless sensors eliminate need for probes
  • ambulatory - monitor patients in their natural environment
  • 24/7, real-world subject monitoring
  • store data in nonvolatile memory

Telemetry software

Easily configure, retrieve, and export recorded telemetric data with our flexible and powerful Actiware software, designed to work with our Actiwatch devices. Learn more about Actiware.