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Actiware is a flexible and powerful software package that allows users to easily configure and retrieve recorded activity data from all Actiwatch models in addition to data management, analysis and export. Actiware and Actiwatch work together to provide a comprehensive actigraphy system designed to meet your need to collect quality objective activity, sleep, and disturbed sleep datas.

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Browse educational screencasts that will help you learn Actiware.

Actogram View Defaults

Learn to customize your actogram view settings for all actograms that you will be viewing. Set defaults for how you view and display your retrieved data including actogram length, data values, and how to pick parameters you’d like to always view.

Actogram View Settings

Learn how to change the way you view retrieved data channels on an actogram that is currently open on your screen. Alter the actogram length, data values and pick which parameters you’d like to view.

Adding Subjects

Learn how to add a subject to your database while in Actiware, from within the main program screen.

Algorithm Settings

Learn to alter the default settings in the data analysis algorithms that are used to set rest intervals and calculate sleep and wake information. Settings can be used in active analysis or in new analysis that will be opened in Actiware.

Automated Analysis

Learn how settings for automated data analysis such as major and minor rest interval and off wrist detection are set. Find out how you can customize them to meet your data analysis needs.

Generate a Clinicians Report

Learn how to Generate a Clinicians Report quickly and easily.

Configuring an Actiwatch

Learn how to communicate with Actiwatch Spectrum in order to configure the device to a current or new wearer and to set your data collection option preferences. This configuring tutorial can be applied to all models of the Actiwatch.

Database Export

Learn to move data between source and target databases and how to create new databases

Database Viewer

Learn how data and data collection sessions are organized in Actiware and how to navigate through the database viewer to find subjects and the various data collection sessions that have been analyzed and saved.

Exporting Data

Learn how to export data from Actiware into Excel or other data file types using the Copy command.

Clinicians Report Contents

Learn what is included in the Clinicians Report and how you can add indication for use and interpretation text by viewing a sample.

Manual Data Scoring

Learn how to manually set intervals in Actiware. This tutorial sets a rest interval manually as an example for setting other intervals.

Printed Reports

Learn how to choose the data your reports contain, such as number of days on an actogram and desired sleep statistics, by changing default settings.

Setting a Rest Interval

Learn how to set overnight sleep/rest intervals with quick keys in Actiware. Setting your rest interval is the first step to using Actiware for sleep analysis.

Setting an Excluded Interval

Learn how to find and choose data to exclude from your data analysis/calculations.

Text File Export Batch Wizard

Learn how to export one or multiple/combined data files from Actiware from any selected data collection or analysis session utilizing the Text File Export Batch Wizard.

Viewing Multiple Windows

Learn how to view an actogram window and a statistics table at the same time.