Actiwatch sm

Actiwatch 2 small, unobtrusive, rugged

It’s small size makes it well-suited for use with younger subjects or those sensitive to wrist-worn devices. It is equipped with a light sensor and event marker to record events of significance, such as “lights-out time.”

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Actiwatch plus sm

Actiwatch Spectrum Plus advanced sensing capabilities

Collect activity and sleep information along with multiple light measurements, event marker button entries, and patient compliance over days, weeks, and even months.

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Actiwatch pro sm

Actiwatch Spectrum PRO real-time subjective scoring

All the features of the Actiwatch Spectrum Plus with the addition of subjective scoring capabilities. This unique and valuable feature adds another dimension to your data collection efforts when studying parameters such as pain and fatigue.

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Actical sm

Actical powerful, accurate, and adaptive

Actical is a noninvasive, omni-directional accelerometer that accurately measures a subject’s energy expenditure and step count. Lightweight, waterproof, and durable, Actical offers real-time ambulatory monitoring to meet your research needs.

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Actigraphy Motion Biosensors

Actigraphy technology can help you assess the sleep/wake patterns of a variety of patients with various sleep complaints. Actigraphy serves as a complement or adjunct to a polysomnogram or subjective paper diary. Use Actiwatch to gain insight into real-world sleep/wake and daytime activity. Data collected by actigraphy devices has a variety of applications in sleep medicine and sleep disorder, circadian rhythm disorder, and daytime activity research.

Motion Biosensor advantages:

  • noninvasive - no wires or uncomfortable sensor attachments
  • objective - provides an accurate representation of sleep/wake history
  • ambulatory - real-world sleep/wake data collected during everyday living
  • multiple-night monitoring - continuous monitoring for weeks/months
  • “wear it and forget it” technology - improved patient compliance
  • low daily cost - reusable devices
  • rugged dependability - monitor with confidence