Actigraphy Motion BioSensors for sleep and pain analysis

We offer the sleep clinician cost-effective tools to complement existing technologies. Our objective, ambulatory actigraphy devices, such as the Actiwatch devices are designed to aid in the assessment of your patients sleep wake patterns.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBTI)

CBTI is a comprehensive program for insomnia designed to help you quickly expand your clinical services and help your facility establish a reputation as a leading sleep resource in your community. Our ready-to-implement program allows you to interact with insomnia patients while helping to reduce your time and resource investment. Through weekly discussions of CBTI tools and techniques, your facility’s designated “sleep coach” can help patients learn how to manage their own sleep.

By integrating educational materials, proven cognitive behavioral therapy techniques, and easy-to-use assessment tools – including the Actiwatch ambulatory actigraphy system – our CBTI program helps you to educate and empower your insomnia patients.


Collect objective monitoring data and electronically capture an individual's subjective response.

Resource center

Review a comprehensive list of clinical research and studies that our devices have been used in.

Clinical case studies

Listen to simulated case studies that demonstrate the use of actigraphy in the assessment of various sleep complaints.


Learn about the new, permanent Category I CPT code affecting reimbursement for the use of actigraphy studies.

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