Actigraphy Motion Biosensors for Dermatology Studies

Measuring Motion, Delivering Insights

Actigraphy Motion Biosensors wearable devices provide objective nocturnal scratching event measurement to evaluate the impact of a particular therapy or medication pertaining to Atopic Dermatitis.

Philips New Standard in Scratching Measurement

High resolution 3D motion capture discerns basic movement from scratching.

  • Reduce time associated with Video scoring and Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) subjectivity with automated high speed 3D motion data capture.
  • Leverage data collection, analysis and insights to monitor adherence, therapy impact on motion, and direction regarding next phase research/trial decisions.
  • Discover more effective therapies for more people, through objective measures of scratching events.

Atopic Dermatitis Study: 98% Correlation between Data captured through Wearable Motion Biosensor Technology and Video Analysis

Correlation rate indicates that Motion Biosensor technology offers a minimally invasive and economic alternative to Visual Data Scoring.

Novel Endpoints:

# of scratching event(s) per subject # of scratching event(s) per hour Duration of each scratching event Time of each event

More than a Device

  • Advanced proprietary algorithms enable rapid data processing across sleep and wake periods – for multiple clinically relevant data endpoints. (i.e. # of scratching events, duration)
  • Statistical data analysis and consultation services provide direction on protocol development and guidance regarding research/ trial advancement.
  • Actionable intelligence enhances overall research/trial preparation and execution efficiency.


Collect objective monitoring data and electronically capture an individual's subjective response.

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